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Peterson Air Force Base is home to the 21st Space Wing, the Air Force Space Command headquarters, and the U.S. Northern Command.

21st Space Wing 719-556-4052
21st Medical Group 719-556-1155/1250
21st Mission Support Group 719-556-7338
21st Operations Group 719-556-4257
The 21st Bombardment Group began in 1942 and provided training at several bases around the southern U.S. on B-25 Mitchell bombers and later on B-26 Marauders, and went on to earn an Anti-Submarine streamer for policing the Caribbean Sea in the early 1940s. The Bomb Group inactivated at the end of 1943 and later would merge its lineage with the 21st Fighter Group (which would become the current day 21st Operations Group.) In 1944, the Fighter Group activated and used P-39 Airacobra and P-38 Lightning to patrol the skies over Wheeler Army Airfield in Hawaii. Upon receiving the new P-51 Mustang, the group deployed to Iwo Jima in March 1945 and immediately was involved in combat after their camp was attacked. Along with the other groups there, the 21st retaliated in a battle which left hundreds of Japanese soldiers dead and just over a dozen of their own soldiers mortally wounded. Just a month later, the group was able to participate in a long-range mission over Nakajima. The bombers escorted by the 21stís Mustangs were able to destroy the aircraft factory there in one of the longest over-water escort missions to date. The group later received a Distinguished Unit Citation for their integral support. Post-war, they served in Saipan and Guam, then deactivated in the fall of 1946. After reactivation in 1953 as the Fighter-Bomber Group, they moved to Chambley-Bussieres Air Base in France at the end of 1954, however the base wasnít ready for complete use until 1955. By 1958, the French were done hosting any aircraft or nuclear weapons belonging to other countries and the 21st was forced to inactivate. After several reorganizations of the 21st Wing and its groups, the 21st Space Wing was brought back in 1992. The 21st Fighter-Bomber Group became the 21st Operations Group it is today and continues to serve as part of the host unit at Peterson AFB.
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721st Support Group 719-474-2052
821st Air Base Group (Thule Air Base, Greenland)
HQ Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) 719-554-6834
U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM/NORAD) 719-556-4912

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